name = Cheryl Ann
e-mail =
homepage = 0
town = Front B.C.
country = Mexico
Love story = I met the love of my life on March 3, 1998. His name is Daniel Shane Cone. He is the most beautiful, short person that I know. I love you honey and miss you very much!! -Mommy
name = Imbi
e-mail =
homepage = 0
town = Tallinn
country = Estonia
Love story = I met my love on my friend's birthday. Then he was with his son. I was thinking that he is a very good father. That day I didn't speak with him. After two month he called my friend and wanted to see me. Now we are very happy and we have been together for more than 1,5 year. I hope that we will have a baby this year.
name = Rob
e-mail = secret
homepage = 0
town = ??
country = England
Love story = She rounded the corner, as a vision on shorts and T shirt, her raquet in hand, hair up, with tufts falling sensually around her ears. Her huge, honeydew eyes peeked coyly from under a wisp of her dark locks. I was sold, forever. The fact that she could not play squash to save her life was just a challenge to me. 22 years later and she can still floor me with one look!
name = Mindy
e-mail =
homepage =
town = San Francisco
country = USA
Love story = I met the love of my life when we were working on our school play. It was the fall play called "And then there were none" he was on stage crew doing sound affects. He did a great job. then we did a lot of talking and going out..
Name = Monique
e-mail =
Homepage = 0
City = Clarksville
Country = USA
Love story = I was a teacher before I was called up to go to Iraq. When my unit set foot on Kuwait soil it was the most surreal feeling. We were sent to a camp far away from all of the other soldiers and every day I was sent to drive through the country of Kuwait. One day I was sent to look for a certain warrant officer and when I found him I knew that there is a reason for all things that happen in life. I only spent a few weeks with him before he left for Iraq but I knew that I had found my soulmate. Today is his birthday, January 28th and we are apart again but that doesn't stop me from loving him as much as I did that first day in Kuwait. Through all of the devastation and pain of war I found goodness and love in Gavin.

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